With issues such as banner blindness and increasing bounce rates, virtual reality (VR) may be the key to success brands need to help create eye-grabbing experiences. These kinds of experiences can assist with site stickiness and provide more reasons for valued visitors to share content on social media platforms. The potential outcomes of virtual reality on your website? Increased site traffic and more effective marketing campaigns to start.

What does the research say about virtual reality?

The future is bright for VR. Research indicates that VR is expected to grow to a $150 billion market by 2020. As far as user interaction with it, VR displayed a 27% higher emotional engagement than a simple 2D environment. Pretty compelling stuff. So how can we make the most of it?

What is WebVR?

Traditionally, virtual reality is experienced exclusively through a headset or mobile device. WebVR provides a virtual reality experience within a web browser with or without the need for special equipment, goggles, headgear or anything to download. WebVR gives us the opportunity to change that. Using it, once a user lands on your website they are ready to experience any virtual reality world you have created for them.

Major browsers that support WebVR: Firefox, Safari, Chrome

Mobile browsers that support Web-based VR: Safari for iOS, Chrome for Android, Firefox for iOS, Samsung Internet, and UC Browser

VR is a win for way more organizations than you’d think

Some of the industries that could benefit most from virtual reality include Travel, Higher Education, Real Estate, E-commerce, Automotive, Healthcare, and even government organizations like national parks and museums. By providing tours, training, games, and opportunities for prospects to experience a product or service, all of these organizations can make a difference in their customer experience.

How you can get started

Well, with an agency of course. If you’re thinking of going it on your own, you might find that tools like A-FrameThree.jsReactNext, and Vizor, make the development of virtual reality content for the web possible and easier than ever before. Although it will still take a little time to learn how to generate web-based virtual reality content with the tools available, it may prove to be time well spent.

Whether on a desktop, laptop or mobile device, WebVR opens the door to new and creative ways to reach a whole new audience with virtual reality. Take your marketing to a new level with an immersive, entertaining, and fun approach directly from your website and landing pages. Plus, give your organization a chance to stand out from the crowd and ahead of your competition which may or may not be implementing WebVR in their web design and marketing campaigns already.