Even if you have an in-house marketing team, there are a number of benefits resulting from working with a qualified marketing agency.

I know, big surprise, a blog from a marketing agency about the benefits of working with one. But, all biases aside, it’s important to understand a few key reasons working with a marketing agency—especially one that specializes in digital marketing—is beneficial to your organization.

Working with a marketing agency helps bridge the skills gap.

With so many new approaches and emerging technologies, it’s crazy to assume your organization can (or should) keep up by staffing for all of them. Many businesses are experiencing talent gaps, not for lack of talent altogether, but lack of new and evolving skill sets. Working with an agency that has these skills is a great way to assess if certain skills or tactics are beneficial to your organization. It can also help you evaluate if it makes sense to bring these types of capabilities in house.

You don’t get one consultant; you get a team.

It’s one thing to bring on new talent or work with a consultant, but when you bring on a marketing agency you’re getting a team of experts who live and breathe this stuff. Want to know what we talk about around the water cooler? Marketing trends, our latest client work, and new best practices we just learned about (okay, okay, and sometimes about how much fun we had at Rachel’s wedding). Agencies are full of fast-paced marketers who love solving problems. Even if you have a core team you work with day-to-day, chances are we’re also fielding your challenges to additional colleagues to best inform our strategies. This type of collaboration helps keep things fresh, well informed, heavily vetted (and successful).

Our experience spans industry verticals.

While having category expertise is essential, working with a group that has experiences outside of your own industry is key. The more I spend time in the industry, the more I’m amazed by common themes and lessons learned that we’ve been able to apply to our clients. From web accessibility, to compliance on social media, to optimizing paid search performance and more, a marketing agency has its hands in a lot of projects at any given time. This kind of experience saves time, money and other potential pitfalls.

Of course, there are countless other benefits, like a marketing agency’s access to resources, our external perspective on the brand, reliability, time savings and more. All of these stack up to a pretty easy decision. The only thing left? Which one to pick. In this competitive climate, there are a lot of questions you should be asking to determine the right fit for you. By identifying what traits you should look for in great agency partners, and what to look for in the selection process, you can be on your way to achieving great results for your organization.