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Mike is the Director of Public Relations at RDW. When he’s not playing PR/advertising pro, Dad, husband or coach, he dreams about playing golf (seriously…is one round too much to ask?!).

Entries By Mike Masseur
  • PR, Meet VR

    At recent conference for communications professionals, I had the opportunity to sit in on a really inspiring session about the confluence of public relations and virtual reality. Neither is a new concept, but combining them to create a really powerful experience is. So new that few professionals (if any) are doing it…yet.  So, what’s the […]

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  • “PR” Is Not A Dirty Word

    “PR” Is Not A Dirty Word Strike that. Yes it is. You see, what we’re doing in the world of “PR” these days has us digging deeper and getting dirtier (in a good way) than ever before. For years, public relations professionals have been labeled a number of unenviable things, most notably “spin doctors” (no, […]

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  • Humanizing the Brand: It’s Not Old News

    Responsive. Trustworthy. Dependable. Social. Examples of words that are overused, misused, or never used to describe a brand (note: you’re in a tough spot if you can’t use any of those listed). But there’s one word that’s quickly making its way back to that list, and for that matter, to the top of the list. Human. Yes, it’s terribly […]

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