Digital marketing is taking over the world, it seems. To people who were raised online, traditional marketing tactics (print, radio, TV, and more) might seem like something that should be left in the past. And while many businesses are aiming to grab consumer attention through online and digital media over print, they shouldn’t discount traditional marketing tactics just yet.

I am one twenty-something that loves to read a magazine or the newspaper rather than look at my electronic device, and I’m not the only one who feels this way. When analyzing the top paid methods for content distribution, 69% of B2C marketers in North America listed print or other offline promotions among the tactics they used. Not only is the proof in the ad spend, but a survey conducted by Nielson in 2014, also stated that many U.S consumers make a purchasing decision after viewing mailed materials more often than digital ones.

What does this mean for businesses whose content strategy has gone full blown digital in the last few years? Consumers aren’t satisfied with one or the other. Brands need to create more content in a mix of both digital and print mediums. Seems simple, right? Here are a few ways to get started.

Tease Digital Content in Traditional Mediums

Sneak peaks are a common opportunity to generate engagement. One strategy that some brands are using is to send copies out to their subscribers and release content in print that won’t be available online for a few months. Providing exclusive content can encourage consumers to subscribe for a sneak-peek at what’s coming, and foster demand generation.

Make the Most of CTAs

Another effective way to create crossover between your content is using calls to action, or CTAs, to get attention from your offline content to your digital content. When using CTA’s in your print media you can attract consumers who are reading them and give exclusive offers to them if they visit your social media page or subscribe to the digital media content. TV commercials prompting users to participate in a contest or learn more online are great examples of this.

Become One with Your Personas

Every web design, marketing plan and media strategy should begin with persona development. Having a solid understanding of your organization’s key audiences is paramount to getting the results (and ROI) you’re looking for. Behaviors of your audience are especially important when determining which mediums to consider as marketing tactics. Time and again, a persona’s media consumption habits point to an integrated mix of online and offline mediums. Sometimes the mix is more heavily weighted in one direction than the other. Use the exercise of persona development to understand what mix of digital marketing and traditional marketing tactics will best engage your target consumer.

Even though the world today might sway you and your business to switch to digital marketing rather than the more traditional methods of the past, there is still huge potential for offline content. Effectively combining both can create more meaningful relationships with consumers and more opportunities for word of mouth. Is your media team taking advantage of these strategies?