You have one mission: to create positive change.

What change are you going to create? How are you going to do it? What resources do you need to make it happen?

This is the mission and these are the questions RDW’s clients ask themselves and give us the honor to work with them on. The result? Measurable impact. Questions asked. Actions taken. Lives changed.

This is the power of positive change. We are so proud to have been involved and to share this work has been recognized with nine 2020 Bell Ringer Awards!

Gold Bell

  • B2C Social Media: Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles: RI DMV Social Media Campaign Helps Real ID Awareness and Adoption

    When the RI DMV began issuing Real ID credentials, it knew it had to educate Rhode Islanders about Real ID and encourage them to obtain one before the Oct. 1, 2020 deadline. It leveraged the flexibility and best practices of social media to do so, leading to engagement rates 2.5x above average and cost 4x-8x below average.

Silver Bells

  • Bylined Article: Rhode Island Medical Imaging: Addressing the Vaping Crisis

    In September of 2019, vaping erupted as a national health epidemic with hundreds of individuals becoming ill and many dying due to its use. Rhode Island Medical Imaging (RIMI) was well-positioned to address the crisis and create continued dialogue from a recent Providence Journal report.

  • B2C Social Media: Ageless Innovation: Sharing the Power of Play – Ageless Innovation’s Joy for All Companion Pets’ Social Media Campaign

    Ageless Innovation’s organic and paid social media presence needed to embody its belief in the power of play. A revamped presence became a partner and resource for care givers and increased awareness of its clinically proven Joy for All pets, leading to a 271% increase in followers and an engagement rate that is consistently more than double industry average.

  • Crisis Communications: Bristol County Water Authority: BCWA Addresses the East Bay Pipeline Leak with Consistent, Transparent Communications

    When a leak was discovered in BCWA’s main water transmission pipeline, we enacted a crisis communications plan focused on calming fears, ensuring access to a clean (although at times limited) water supply, and addressing the concerns of individuals who did not agree with BCWA’s current operational direction.

Bronze Bells

  • B2C Social Media: Rhode Island Medical Imaging: A Patient-Focused Approach to Social Media –Strategy Multiplies Growth and Engagement

    With a new CMO and vision, RIMI set out to transform its social media presence and get its voice “heard” above the very loud healthcare and social media noise. This fresh approach leverages education, culture, and patient stories and led to double and triple-digit growth across all platforms during the 2019 year.

Merit Awards

  • Publicity Campaigns: Healthcare – Rhode Island Department of Health: Flu Vaccination

    As the local authority on public health, it is imperative for RIDOH to lead the way on vaccination. Every year, in preparation for the flu season, RIDOH deploys a public health campaign to generate awareness and drive the action of getting an annual flu vaccine. There were more than 71k clicks to the flu landing page and vaccine doses increased by 11% from the previous year.

  • Digital Video: Rhode Island Medical Imaging: Seeing the Unseen

    RIMI’s specialized radiologists, advanced technology, and patient-focused staff set it apart from competitors. Its “Seeing the Unseen” video series took a firsthand look at RIMI’s life-saving work through conversations with its radiologists and patients. Eighteen videos were leveraged in broadcast, CTV, social media, partnership events, and employee engagement.

  • Op-Ed: Bristol County Water Authority: It’s Time to Move on from Old Water Supplies – BCWA Addresses its East Bay Pipeline Leak

    In addressing its main water transmission pipeline leak, BCWA also had to address constituents who did not agree with the management direction the utility. This was particularly true of BCWA’s decision to move away from use of poor-quality water supplies and decommissioned infrastructure.

  • Response to Breaking News: Rhode Island Medical Imaging: Addressing the Vaping Crisis

    As the vaping crisis led to many concerned questions in September of 2019, RIMI was well-positioned to address it. The breaking news provided RIMI with a highly relevant opportunity to share its knowledge and position on vaping to help the Rhode Island community at large. Media outreach led to three diverse local placements

Now in its 52nd year, the PR Club of New England’s Bell Ringer Awards program is the foremost recognition program for PR and communications in the region. RDW on behalf of our clients came in the top three with the highest number of awards this year (nine).

Congratulations to our clients for your outstanding effort and collaboration. Thank you, as always, for all that you do and for letting us be a part of it.

The RDW Team