What is a digital marketing measurement plan and why do you need one?

Nowadays most marketers know the importance of measuring their marketing campaigns. As my colleague recently wrote, “if you’re not measuring, are you even marketing?”. You might already know that you want to measure, but what about how you measure and why you measure?

The Big Picture

Before you set out to start measuring performance, it’s important to step back and understand the bigger picture. What is your ultimate business objective? Where do your marketing campaigns fit in, and how will you identify the success or failure of these marketing campaigns?

What’s the Plan?

That’s where the digital marketing measurement plan comes in. This is a structured outline that provides a framework for identifying your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and understanding success. Many different formats are possible, though most marketing measurement plans includes the following elements:

  • The definition of your business objective
  • The campaign elements (online media, offline media, etc.)
  • Your approach
  • Your KPIs and specific goals for your business objective
  • How to analyze your performance (the data, segments, etc.)

The creation of a digital marketing measurement plan is a collaborative process that also helps set realistic expectations for all stakeholders. It is also meant to be updated and improved upon as your marketing campaigns progress and you begin to collect your data. As the world of digital marketing is ever-evolving, it is important to be able to reassess and optimize your tactics over time.


Though such a plan may sound daunting, it’s essential to understanding how your marketing campaigns perform, even before you start planning them out! You will be able to measure performance and make informed decisions about how to optimize. Use your plan as a roadmap to achieving stronger campaigns, actionable insights, and success.

If you’d like more information on how to create a digital marketing measurement plan or guidance in identifying your measurement infrastructure, contact us at [email protected]!