Is your content translating to more business? Bottom line is if your content isn’t reaching your leads then you’re missing out on an opportunity. There’s a reason why content marketing is being echoed throughout digital marketing as one of the most prevalent strategies of 2019.

With the right content marketing strategy, you could generate over 3 times the number of leads of traditional advertising and at 62% less of the cost, reports DemandMetric. Of course, you must also ensure that your content focus is based on both a solid understanding of your consumer’s needs and interests and clarity around your brand positioning. Yes, we know implementing an effective content strategy is easier said than done; to help we’re providing our top tips to get you started and converting.

  1. Start with a plan.

    Organize your content marketing strategy into an editorial calendar. A one and done mentality won’t make the same impact as a regular publishing schedule. Publishing on a consistent basis will keep you top of mind with customers and helps position you as an industry resource. Weekly blogs and email newsletters are effective methods of executing this.

  2. Be a resource.

    Publish content that serves a purpose. With the exorbitant amount of content available online it’s important to produce content that is both useful and educational. Stay away from anything salesy because so will your prospects. Instead offer your audience new information or a solution related to your business. Include a keyword strategy to maximize SEO benefits and increase your rank in search engine results.

  3. Utilize your colleagues.

    Communicate with different departments in your organization to stay knowledgeable on what is happening. Customer service departments are great resources for consumer questions and complaints. Turn inquiries into blogs and white papers. Talk to your sales team to learn what products/services are selling and to get updates on upcoming promotions. Product development is a fantastic source for trends and changes.

  4. Quality over quantity.

    Publishing quality content is what will bring readers back. This also helps establish you as an industry thought leader. Follow and engage with industry experts and influencers to stay informed as well as increase your network visibility.

  5. Calls to actions (CTAs).

    Include relevant CTAs in your content. Have a question? Contact us. Want more information? Include content or resources. Moving prospects further through the sales funnel and keeping them on the site is key.

  6. Diversify your content.

    Offer a variety of content including light quick reads, like blogs and infographics. These are often referred to as “awareness content” as they bring ideas or solutions to focus. And to keep leads engaged you should also offer more developed pieces of content like guides, e-books, and podcasts. Commonly called “consideration content” as these are more likely in the mindset to convert.

  7. Track your content marketing strategy.

    Measure your tactics including blog views, email clicks, and CTA engagement. Don’t set it and forget it. Continue to test what works to improve your tactics performance and increase conversions. Use analytics and review the data to ensure you’re targeting the right audience at the right time.

Check how your content appears on all different devices and platforms. There’s nothing worse than a bad user experience or lengthy load time. For more tips check out our helpful hints on creating more effective content.